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5 Reasons Your Commercial Roof is Leaking

Updated: Aug 5, 2019

Water coming through the roof of their building is the last thing any business owner wants.

Your roof is not invincible to damage from harsh weather and other outside elements. Regular maintenance doesn’t make your commercial roof bulletproof from these things.

Stained walls, ceilings and water leaking down is the obvious signs of this problem.

Also hidden things like mold and bad smells is very bad when not detected early on. We have compiled a very nice blog post for you from CSC Roofing to show you the signs and warnings of a leaky commercial roof. - Enjoy.


If your roof drain plug is clogged and your roof is holding standing water this is a big problem. This causes for the roofing materials to degrade, and start to allow water to leak in to your building.

Several places where water can have trouble draining: Scuppers, down-spouts and gutters. Always get these things inspected and cleaned regularly. This will make sure whater moves off the roof quickly and does not form damaging standing puddles of water. Which also attract mosquitos and create fungous. Really nasty stuff! Get it take care of today!

Call Larry, The Florida Roof Guy 561-931-1648 and get your roof troubles fixed right!


No, your building's roof is NOT a solid sheet of metal or anything of the sort. Its a complicated mix of layered technology that keeps the elements out of your building.

But there can be many openings or holes in your roof that could be allowing leaking to occur.

Things like vents, HVAC systems, the gas lines, drains, etc.. and things like pipe systems that need to be installed through the roof and inside the building. Directly through the roof system, this, if not installed properly, will create leaks and other nasty problems you don't want in your building.


These are roof junctions that can go bad if not done right and leak and create all sorts of bad problems for your building.

The metal flashing eventually ages and needs to get replaced. If you get your roof inspected on a regular basis you will be able to spot this and fix it before it becomes a big problem.

Other things that can damage flashing is strong winds, hurricanes and other strong elements.

So, if you recently had strong storms or anything pounding on your roof, get it inspected ASAP.


Nothing lasts forever and that includes Commercial Roof Systems.

First time of aging roof: LEAKS

On average commercial roofs last about 15-20 years

And this also depends on how well the roof has been maintained and if it has had any patch work done.

If your commercial roof has been re-roofed and it still has leaks, then it's necessary to get a professional commercial roofer and have them re-install a brand new roof. That is the only way to completely fix the problem for good.

If you need help and your commercial roof has been worked on but still has problems, give us a call, we will make sure it's done right the first time. 561-931-1648

5. My Commercial Roof Is Leaking: Is there anything I can actually do?

When your roof is leaking the only time you notice is when it's raining. So make sure you check the next time it's raining and give us a call to run a free inspection for you. We will let you know if your Florida Commercial Roof needs care.

You don't want water coming in when you are the busiest. Make sure you take care of this problem ASAP.

Don't Panic! Call The Florida Roof Guy 561-931-1648

Don't Panic! Call The Florida Roof Guy 561-931-1648

For over 30 years, our expert team of roofing craftsman have seen this happen more than we can count. And we have fixed it also more times than we can count! lol

We have an emergency action plan developed, so that when a customer calls us with a leak in your commercial, industrial or manufacturing facility we go right to work fast to located the roof leak and stop it before it causes any more damage.

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Feb 12, 2022

It is crucial for homeowners that they hire licensed and qualified roof repair specialists when dealing with all types of roof problems. Moreover, they charge genuine costs.

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