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10 Warning Signs of Roof Damage

Updated: Jun 27, 2019

By design your roof is meant to withstand the elements. Sometimes mother nature can be pretty intense. When roof damage occurs because of harsh weather or a hurricane...

..... there are tell tale signs to look for, and if your roof is missing, well..that's a big one!. When inspecting your roof, please take all safety measures, to be safe try to view your roof from a window inside your home or even better way, use binoculars from the ground, you can also use a remote control camera drone. But in any event I would recommend to just call a professional roofing contractor like CSC Roofing in South Florida. They will come out to your place of residence or business and provide you with a inspection and an estimate at no charge to you. Here is their number for future reference 561-931-1648.

1.Wind Damage

Harsh wind can make your home's shingles blow off the roof deck. When missing shingles, leaks and other interior damage can occur, and that is what you want to avoid. Other types of wind damage may not be easy to locate, especially if the adhesive seal surface that prevents water-shedding is broken. Always be safe when checking your own roof for damage. Call a local vetted professional roofing contractor company for assistance 561-931-1648.

Roofing materials like shingles Wind warranty are published by all manufacturers on their shingles; it's very important to analyze the wind coverage when choosing the shingles for your house's roof. You’ll need to file an insurance claim if the damage the wind caused to the shingles was anywhere above the manufacturer’s wind rating coverage. If not, then contact the shingle manufacturer to file a claim. Or better yet. Contact CSC Roofing for a complete no obligation free roof inspection and estimation.

Check these items for signs of damage caused by Wind:

Missing Shingles or Creased Shingles

Missing shingles: If after inspecting you noticed that there were any thin horizontal lines where the granules had been worn off at around 1 to 2 inches beneath the above shingle; it might indicate that your roof's shingle seal has broken and the shingle was in fact flapping due to the strong wind and most likely it was rubbing against the shingle above itself. For roofs to be effective against storms and strong wind, the roof shingles must be installed correctly, sealed to each other to form a watertight effect.

2.Hail Damage

Hail is very hard to miss unless it was light or small hail. It is normally a larger weather storm that affects the entire neighborhood and not an isolated location to just one or two houses. It can "bruise" a shingle, this would cause a slight indentation that's hard to spot, and this event can cause a crack and allow water to come in to your home.

Signs of roof damage caused by Hail:

General damage around the outside of your house; visible dents on your car or other things around your property. A visible pattern of small round dents close to the edges of the your roof's shingles. Dents on the shingle, if it shows that the granules are gone or if you notice a lot of granules on the ground or end of your gutter spout; a small amount is normal, especially on new shingles.

3.Falling Debris

When storms hit, tree branches and other types of debris can fall on your roof and damage it. Some pieces can be small others larger, and then other debris are so large that you know be default that damage is there. Use your best judgment. You might want to consider calling a professional roofing contractor and schedule them to come and inspect your roof for damage. Call CSC Roofing for your area 561-931-1648. You will need to file an insurance claim if you have extensive damage.

Debir Roof Damage

Visual debris on the roof. Perhaps you have some missing or cracked shingles, and at times there could be a significant large mound of roof granules at the end of the gutter down spout; a small amount is normal, especially for new shingles.

A big, honkin’ tree branch on your home. Yeah, it might need fixing.

4.Wear and Tear

Aging rooftops have wear and tear from weathering and other things, mostly around rooftop items and roof openings like smokestacks, vents, funnels, and different openings that infiltrate your rooftop are places where weakening first happens. Normally, the home repairs can be restricted to these particular areas of the rooftop.

When the exterior of the house or the paint starts peeling and blistering. This is caused mainly by poorly ventilated attics, increased moisture and humidity build up near the top roof lining. As a side Note: *This also may indicate that your gutters and gutter system could be failing or failed.

5.Leaking and Moisture

If you have any staining happening on your interior walls and ceilings, that's a sign as well. When that occurs it can be caused by many different things. Mainly your roof’s underneath may be leaking moisture inside your home, this can lead to stains and or worse, mold; and that's really bad. Replacing your roof will solve this problem, so do it quick!

Do you have rain leaking in to your attic? You might just need to replace some of the flashing. If that's not it and your roof's underneath area is faulty, you will need to replace that roof!

6.A sagging roof deck

If you are inside your attic and you can see notable sagging and not the neat straight construction that should be there; then the rafters may have gotten wet from the roof leaking and moisture seeping through. You may be able to avoid a complete roof if it’s localized, replacement.

7.Attic has light shining through

If you can see beams of light in your attic, water can drip through those same openings. This is dangerous if not checked in the long run. Check the shingles to see if they need replacing.

Energy bills too high?

Cool or hot air could be leaking out of your roof. You might have to check the shingles.

When fixed your energy bill should also get fixed and run much lower costs.

Having a well maintained roof on your home will do a few good things for you. It keeps your property value of your home way up, and it also keeps your family protected from the harsh elements, like rain, heat, cold, etc..

8.Moss and Algae build up

In certain areas where there is a lot of airborne algae, it can attach to your roof and take over. It starts showing very ugly dark lines and stains. If tackled early with a professional cleaning using water and bleach solution this will greatly improve your chances of winning the battle and keep your roof in good shape.

Also in places with little sunlight moss can start to grow in between the roof shingles. This is can cause really bad damage and will need to replace the roof shingles, if allowed to get out of hand.

9.Your roof looks older and more worn than other similar homes

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to understand at a simple glance if your roof needs some tender loving care.

If you live in a place where other homes the same age have better roof conditions, you might want to seek out an expert and see why. Compare some homes in your area and see what differences you can see. Does it look older? More worn?

It's always better to take care of the issue sooner than later. Later the price goes way up and that's a shame, because it could have been just be a fraction of the cost.

10.Shingles appear to have curled edges and cracks

If you are not noticing missing shingles, that doesn't mean it's not time to replace them. Everything has a time limit. Including shingles. They take a beating; rain, heat, sun, cold, acid rain, hurricanes, etc..

Look closely, do you see cracks, or curls?

These are the common signs of wear and tear that occur to shingle roofs. You could by all means have a few years left, but it's always better to be safer than sorry.

Now you know. Check your roof before it hands you over an expensive surprise. None of us like those. So give us a call today to CSC Roofing and ask for Larry, the Florida Roof Guy


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